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LikeMeat Veganuary 2021

Till Lindemann

for Veganuary

The Briefing

German plant-based meat manufacturer LikeMeat asked for an awareness campaign in Germany with which, in addition to the LikeMeat brand, the Veganuary movement should also be supported and as much reach as possible should be generated.
Veganuary promotes a vegan lifestyle and encourages people to eat purely plant-based food in January.

Required channels:
Social Media

The Idea

Find an ambassador/influencer/testimonial to show that being vegetarian or flexitarian doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste.

Protect animals with fun and without compromise.

The campaign needed a meat lover to meet Veganuary.

Therefore, LikeMeat supported Veganuary 2021 with a food performance art film starring Till Lindemann. The art film directed by Andreas Waldschuetz shows the artist eating a plant burger from LikeMeat. A food performance inspired by the legendary art film “Andy Warhol eating a Hamburger” by Jørgen Leth from 1982, in which the world-famous pop artist can be seen eating a classic hamburger.
In the making of the film, the main actor had creative freedom to bring in his own artistic approaches.

Channel insights
Out of Home

The Challenge

Reach the flexitarian target group nationwide as efficiently and with the greatest possible impact.

Special requirement:
Because of the German lockdown we had to deal with less outdor traffic and empty city centers.
It was necessary to deliver the ads as flexibly as possible to reach the target group and generate the planned contacts despite the lockdown.

3 networks for
nationwide coverage

Impression based on
target group density

Mobile retargeting

The Solution

Precision Digital Out Of Home. Instead of fixed placements in the urban environment, we played the campaign via digital displays and flexibly adjust the impressions.
All relevant networks were in the bidding for an impression and ads appeared based on Geofencing realised with mobile-ID detection and matched with the target group definition.
People from the respective target group who were near the display during the impression were followed up with retargeting ads on their mobile.

Special Features:

  • Precision DOOH
  • Impressions based on Geofencing
  • Ø distance to retail: 149.3m
  • Mobile retargeting via Display Ads
  • Include all relevant DOOH networks
  • Deliver impressions network agnostic

Digital Out of Home Assets

Channel insights
Social Media

The Challenge

As we have a sustainable topic, a great ambassador and fast growing brand, we needed a big bang, a high impact and as much reach in the target group as possible.

Given base:
The brand has so far communicated exclusively via Facebook and Instagram and used Facebook Ad-manager for paid campaigns. We needed a much bigger audience.

Network independent campaign distribution
over 6 Social Media networks simultaneously

The Solution

Get out of the Facebook bubble with this new approach: a network agnostic API based campaign distribution over all relevant networks.
We did not use proprietary network ad managers but played out the whole campaign via API and were able to adjust the mix of the network at any time independent for optimal reach, engagement and budget usage.

Special Feature:

  • API based ditribution
  • No use of network Ad-managers
  • Network agnostic placements
  • Include all relevant social networks
  • Overarching campaign analytics & reports

Social Media Assets

Channel insights
Display & Search

The Approach

The campaign ran mainly via DOOH and social media. But we wanted to use display to further increase visibility and reduce the overriding CPM.
In addition, we didn't want to lose any contacts who had already seen our campaign but then searched for the product rather than Veganuary or LikeMeat and ended up with a competitor.

Selected sectors:

  • Google Display Network
  • Google Search
  • Relevant Display networks in Germany

Campaign Report

The Numbers

For higher-level reporting with a channel and network independent competition in real time during the campaign, we worked with a new approach, namely Cascading KPIs. This allowed us to efficiently manage budgets and channel-mix at any time based on the performance they achieved.

Special Feature:

  • Dashboard with different report levels
  • Channel and network overarching goals
  • Network independent KPIs
  • Unique KPIs like distance to retail

Media Reach in 10 days


Campaign Contacts / Impressions

> 1.300.000

Views on YouTube


Landing page views

50.000 hrs

Playtime on YouTube

+ 386%

YouTube subscriber grow


Views on Till's IG


Website PIs grow


Website user grow

Public relations
The campaign was
featured in...


Campaign with
good purpose

Plant-based meat manufacturer LikeMeat supported Veganuary movement and raised their crowd in 2021.


Food performance art film starring Till Lindemann of Rammstein.
A production with full artistic independence.


Digital first approach. Unique setup of a holistic digital campaign including DOOH with Geofencing and network agnostic API driven Social Media.