how to
run a
great campaign

What makes a campaign successful?

The answer is simple: when it achieves its goals. But even defining the goals is not trivial and conception of the right strategy is even more complex.

This is our playground โ˜บ

Our 6 keys for great campaigns

It's no secret that campaigns using all relevant channels are more successful due to broader contact opportunities. They prevent our customers from losing contacts or leads they have already collected.
For example, a first brand touchpoint with a contact has been made. Perfect. But later on the prospect googles your product or brand, the lead may be lost towards your competitor whoโ€™s present on Google. This only happens in case you have missed out SEA as a campaign channel.

Defining a successful channel-mix is a base element of our strategy. And here are some more insights:


the right goals

The conception needs a clear direction and goal-definition, for example:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Interaction
  • Customer Loyalty

Every direction has its own goals, tactics and metrics.


your KPIs and...

...find the best way to analyze them. We work with cascading KPIs to score every stage of the journey. How to work with KPIs:

  • Use as much as necessary - as little as possible
  • Distinguish between budget and performance KPIs
  • Evaluate real time, if possible

Trust concrete facts. Don't waste your time with nonsens or ego-KPIs.


Plan your campaign channel agnostic

Playing a holistic approach gives you more than picking only one channel. But using multiple channels requires:

  • A channel-mix preset based on target group availability
  • A Birdยดs Eye view on numbers
  • Ongoing objective adjustment of the mix based on results

Challenging channels against each other gives you the opportunity to spend your campaign budget more efficiently and clearly aligned with your goals.


Use all relevant networks independently

Every channel has its networks and the choice is not always as clear as with SEM and Google vs. Bing. What to consider:

  • Working in a bubble reduces your visbility
  • Multiple networks could reduce your CPM
  • A channel agnostic strategy boosts your results

For example: your target group ist not only on Facebook and Instagram. A campaign should use the reach of all relevant networks.


Create a custom journey

Each campaign should include a specific, goal-focused journey. We create campaign assets and landing pages optimized for brand awareness, engagement and conversion.

  • Every campaign stage is important and requires its own scoring
  • Custom and high quality assets will boost your CVR
  • Treat your traffic well with dedicated landing pages

Every campaign contains engaging animated assets and ultra-fast static HTML5 landging pages. All responsive. Your paid traffic is worth it.


Be smart, agile and innovative

Campaigns ar fun. Transparent planning tools and direct and digital ways of communication ensure that you enjoy marketing and keep you smiling.

  • Plan, execute and optimize your campaigns agile
  • Use focused reportings and analytics dashboards
  • Plan and control your campaigns digitally

We do not regularly use emails for our project management - all tasks and coordination are documented transparently and securely in our tools.

All campaigns created and executed by isarcode are mobile first and fully responsive,
to ensure we do not lose leads on any device.

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