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Power is nothing without control. And a project is nothing without a strategy.
Before our designers paint your vision and our developers code your applications, we need our consultants to define the best strategy and create a stable concept as base for all future actions.

Beauty is a subjective quality. Achieving a specific goal is an objective measurement.
Our design follows a defined strategy to achieve your planned goals. The work of our creatives is based on fundamental design rules and contemporary aspects, inspired by art, nature and technology.

Great applications and websites are made from know-how, experience and smartness.
Our developers are technic enthusiasts and always excited to play with new gadgets and technologies. A perfect spirit for every role within the IT team, from a frontend developer to a technical architect.

Bio + Facts

We are an independent studio for smart digital strategies & solutions, brand & communication strategy, digital design & development, founded in 2012 in Munich.

isarcode has been remote-native since its foundation. We work decentrally in flexible teams on projects from various industries and with a wide range of technological requirements. Our customers are also diverse: from small businesses and start-ups to big corporate level.

We develop sustainable and innovative strategies for brands and their communication, concepts for future business models and next-generation customer experiences, technological infrastructure and all areas of digital transformation.

Our designs, layouts, UX & UI solutions are based on the latest technologies and nearly 30 yrs of experience with digital projects.

  • Digital agency based in Munich and Chiemgau/Bavaria
  • founded 2012
  • remote native
  • Consulting + strategy
  • Digital design
  • Digital marketing
  • Full-stack development
  • Analytics + BI


  • Define and pursue clear goals
  • Efficient and sustainable implementation
  • Clear design, unique and fitting to your brand
  • Partnership-based cooperation

  • Design: sophisticated + contemporary
  • Strategy: sustainable and future-proof
  • Code:full-stack, innovative and robust

  • Paperless communication
  • No emails in project management
  • Clean code development


Are you looking for a digital agency in Germany or Europe for regional and international projects? Let’s talk!