Get out of
the Meta bubble

Bubbles in a jar are great – but in your campaign?
Your target group isn’t just on one platform and you shouldn’t limit yourself to reach them efficiently.
Get more reach with network-agnostic social media campaigns!


Brand awareness, leads or conversions – a clear objective is the basis for our network selection and asset planning.

Which target group and segments? Which networks? Which assets and landing-pages?
Which ADs perform best at which touchpoints and what does the journey look like – nothing works without a strategy.

Reporting for every role?
Yes, but with views and charts that suit the user’s needs and only with relevant data. In an interactive dashboard.

We play out the campaigns via API on all networks simultaneously and run them competitively. There is no need for tedious set-up in the AD accounts of the networks. And the reporting is also customised and cross-platform.
Easy? Peacy!

Are you planning multi-network social media campaigns? Get in touch!