LikeMeat digital

spreads all channels.


Increase market share in the challenging competition among plant-based food producers.
Market-share: increase presence and availability at retailers.

Clusters instead of silos!
Platform agnostically bundles the potential of all digital channels.

Success measurement with cascading KPIs and automated dashboards.

Social media

The product: sooo goooood. The target group: easy to activate and fast-growing.

The only thing missing is THE campaign to generate awareness and achieve the widest possible reach in the target group.

First of all: get out of the meta bubble. More networks, more reach and more efficient delivery via API is great for the budget. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube. All at once – and all competitive!

Precision DOOH

Higher attention through video content
Over 25% better advertising effectiveness compared to static OOH
Simultaneous Multi Network
Stroer, WallDecaux, ECN, Goldbach and more
Flexible impressions
AI with relevant target group density, geo-fencing based
Individually personalizable
Personalize targeting and content regionally for great target-group match
Analog -> digital
Mobile retargeting on >450 apps and >250 websites


— to long; didn’t read —

Digital full-funnel campaign

  • Precision DOOH
  • Multi-network social media
  • display
  • SEA

Campaign results

  • media reach in 10 days
  • 122.600.000 impressions/contacts

Website traffic

  • 370.000 landingpage visits
  • +132.6% website views
  • +115.1% website user

Precision DOOH

  • 4 networks programmatcally
  • Based on geo fencing
  • Mobile retargeting

social media

  • 6 networks via API
  • Competitive mode
  • Realtime budget allocation

Youtube results

  • 50.000h playtime
  • +386% subscriber

Instagram KOLs


Asset creation

  • > 460 assets
  • In just 4 weeks

Smart reporting

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Cascading KPIs

Interesting campaign, isn’t it?
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