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We are
a german digital studio
specialised in
brand+communication strategy
unique digital design
and sophisticated digital services.
Our team focuses on style,
smartness and fun.

Power is nothing without control. And a project is nothing without a strategy.
Before our designers paint your vision and our developers code your applications, we need our consultants to define the best strategy and create a stable concept as base for all future actions.

Beauty is a subjective quality. Achieving a specific goal is an objective measurement.
Our design follows a defined strategy to achieve your planned goals.
The work of our creatives is based on fundamental design rules and contemporary aspects, inspired by art, nature and technology.

Great applications and websites are made from know-how, experience and smartness.
Our developers are technic enthusiasts and always excited to play with new gadgets and technologies. A perfect spirit for every role within the IT team, from a Frontend Developer to a Technical Architect.

We have a serious question:

How smart are your campaigns?

SOCIAL, SEM, DISPLAY, DOOH or Programmatic-TV? Do you communicate in a channel or network bubble? Are you able to use channels and platforms in competition? Do you set your goals and evaluate your KPIs across channels and networks?

There have never been so many ways to design and run successful campaigns. But it has also never been so complex to develop the right strategy and to evaluate it in a target-oriented way.

We meet complexity with smartness and develop successful and effective campaigns for our clients, their brands and products.

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Latest Work

Plant-based Food

LikeMeat for Veganuary

DOOH on multiple networks seamlessly? Why not?
Spread social media campaigns, but platform agnostic and purely API based? Oh yeah!
For LikeMeat's Veganuary campaign, we integrated many new and innovative approaches to our digital comms. This way you can successfully reach and activate your target audience and create as many touchpoints as possible.
We liked it. And animals too.

  • Campaign strategy and consulting
  • Paid campaigns on 6 Social Media platforms, network agnostic, API based
  • DOOH campaign on 4 networks enhanced by GEO Fencing
  • Paid campaigns on Display & SEA

Plant-based Food


We know that we can't carry on consuming as we are today. The planet, its animals and our bodies are telling us that there must be a better way.
LikeMeat products are now becoming available throughout Europe and soon everyone will be able to experience the taste, convenience and health of a plant-protein future.
We're in charge for international campaigns on all relevant digital channels to spread their POV "Eat what you like. Like what you eat." in Europe.

  • Brand & communication strategy and consulting
  • Paid campaigns on Social Media, Display & SEA
  • Market activation in DE, NL & UK

Fashion & Sportswear


The German sports and leisurewear brand TRIGEMA is a pioneer in the field of sustainability. All products are manufactured in Germany, which ensures quality, jobs and saves transport efforts.
A large number of collections and product lines with different purposes as well as innovative digital distribution channels represent new challenges for the company.
Our start for an exciting strategy project.

  • Brand strategy and consulting
  • Brand communication analysis
  • Customer experience analysis

Beauty / Health Care


Our client comes with a revolutionary new Anti Aging product: transdermal cosmetic patches filled with Hyaluron provides a new, easy and painless solution for skincare.

  • eCommerce strategy and consulting
  • Digital and performance marketing
  • UX / UI consulting
  • Hosting + CDN
  • Domain management



Smart architecture from Gรผnzburg, Germany.
The experienced team of this architecture bureau designs sophisticated buildings and location concepts for industry and the public sector.

  • Brand consulting
  • Brand identity
  • UX & UI
  • Web development

Beauty / Health Care


This startup presents a profound change to dermal care: microstructure transdermal nutrient delivery technology. The revolutionary, non-invasive method uses a Transdermal Patch to supply nutrients beneath the skin where theyโ€™re needed most.

  • Digital strategy
  • CRM strategy
  • Corporate IT consulting
  • Tech-Stack development
  • Hosting + CDN

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